Cyber Security Policy

Security Polices have become a hazardous evil in today’s computerized world. Without a Cyber Security Policy, one becomes quite an open target for numerous attacks. Here we will try to find out and represent the possible means to be applied successfully for sake of defining a Cyber Security Policy.

What is a Cyber Security Policy?
For an organization, it addresses the limitations on behavior of its members as well as constraints imposed on adversaries by mechanisms such as doors, locks, keys and walls. For systems, the Cyber Security Policy addresses constraints on functions and flow among them, limitations on access by external systems including programs and access to data by people. To make the idea clearer, here is an example example I first stated with the Porn Surfer… It doesn’t help ‘after’ the fact when your dealing with a court case, if you had a policy in place to keep people informed about what it is they can or cannot do (like surf the web during business hours hitting sites that are not business related) they may not do it in the first place, and if they do, you have a tool (the policy) to hold them accountable.
So, now that we understand the idea of what a Cyber Security Policy is. Asstates Silver et al,a Cyber Security Policy is a living document that allows an organization and its management team to draw very clear and understandable objectives, goals, rules and formal procedures that help to define the overall security posture and architecture for said organization.
Now let’s start planning your infrastructure project for securing it.Here much depends on your basic IT project team to help you begin defining the main project parameters and criteria. Since it is likely to have more success if you hear thr opinion and suggestions of your co-workers.. Actually a completely meaningful approach to security can’t be obtained , and all measures may be per the upcoming needs.. We are not confident of our level of security throughout the whole enterprise. The best solution to the issue is to secure your network structure by developing a security plan. Besides drafting a security project users should also apply the appropriate and effective tools that will be of help in the process of organizing and securing Computing process necessary for an individual or an organization.
In this aspect Nsauditor Network Security Auditor is worth mentioning which is a complete networking utilities package that includes a wide range of tools for network auditing, scanning, monitoring and more. It can also audit password and security policies as well as make a variety of network attack probes.
The software includes Firewall and intrusion detection system based on a security events log analyzer, in addition software allows monitor security events and permissions changes. This software also provides you with the ability to manage and monitor all shares on your workstation, disable or enable default administrative shares, hide your workstation on the network, view the number of the users currently connected to each shared resource on your workstation. ShareAlarmPro also lets you easily browse your LAN and view all shared resources irrespective of whether they are hidden or not as well as view connections to shared resources on remote workstations.
ShareAlarmPro is an Advanced All-In-One Network Access Control And Folder Monitoring Software. It allows easily to perform network shares and folder monitoring, block unwanted users attempting to access secured shares and confidential files over network, detect and log accessed files and folders. With ShareAlarmPro you are protected and well-informed about files and folders access over network.
ShareAlarmPro includes folder watcher functions. You can perform folder monitoring and folder content change tracking. With ShareAlarmPro you can centralize all alarms, thus having the opportunity to monitor several shares on multiple servers from a single location workstations.
NetShareWatcher – allows to find shares which are violating to your company data access policy and Fix it! NetShareWatcher is network security improvement software. It allows network administrators to monitor network shares and identify shares which are violating data access policy of their organization. NetShareWatcher is very handy. Once you apply it a first time, you can forget about network sharing problems. You only need to select restricted groups or users and every time NetShareWatcher will automatically detect network shares with an access list containing those restricted groups and perform a configured action. NetShareWatcher allows you to easily monitor network shared folders and permissions and alerts anytime a user sets a share ACL to “Everyone” or some other global group that violates your data access policy as well as disables this shared folders automatically if you have selected the appropriate feature in the settings. NetShareWatcher has user friendly interface and is easy to use. Being configured once, it will regularly notify you on network sharing detection with restricted permissions assigned. The program logs all detected events ( access to shared folders, security events, folder watcher events ) in an HTML format.